Estimation of the Strength of Mate Preference

See the R package matepref to implement the analysis described in Clancey et al. (2021) to estimate the strength and offset of mate preference from empirical measurements of phenotypes in mated pairs.

Population Genomic Analysis for RAD sequencing


Stacks is produced and maintained by Julian Catchen at the University of Illinois, with occasional contributions from our group. Most of the algorithms and analysis in code that was previously posted here have been incorporated into Stacks, in a much more user-friendly and well-documented form.

DimSI: Dimensionality of Sexual Isolation

binomial and Poisson models

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This work was supported by National Science Foundation grant IOS-0843392.

MIPoD: Microevolutionary Inference from Patterns of


MIPoD 1.0 Neutral Module

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This work was supported by NIH NRSA Ruth L. Kirschstein award 5F32GM076995.

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